Leave the Dirty Work to Burdens Maintenance Services

Let us know when you're dealing with plumbing issues

Let's face it, plumbing repair is likely last on your to-do list. That's because plumbing work can get very messy very quickly. Instead of clearing gunk out of your drains yourself, hire a professional to do it for you.

Burdens Maintenance Services does all kinds of plumbing work, including...

  • Unclogging drains
  • Replacing faucets
  • Repairing water leaks

We'll handle those plumbing tasks you don't want to do. Call 270-302-2643 now to get in touch with a local plumber.

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Plumbing repair shouldn't be a DIY project

Maybe you're one of the few homeowners who don't get grossed out over plumbing repair work. It's still a smart idea to hire a professional. Burdens Maintenance Services can...

Save you the trouble of turning off your water and buying replacement parts.
Pinpoint the source of a plumbing leak before it causes major water damage.
Solve your plumbing issues without damaging your pipes or fixtures.

Reach out to us today to deal with your plumbing issues safely and effectively.