We'll Find Out What Sparked Your Electrical Issues

Call Burdens Maintenance Services for electrical repairs

Are your lights flickering? Got a dead outlet? Burdens Maintenance Services can get to the bottom of your electrical issues.

We've got the tools and training needed to repair most household electrical features, including...

  • Outlets
  • Electrical wiring
  • Light fixtures and switches

If you're dealing with an electrical issue, call 270-302-2643 to solve it. Reach out to us right away.

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Ditch your extension cords - install new outlets

Relying on extension cords to power all your devices can be a safety hazard. Do yourself a favor by installing more outlets throughout your home. Burdens Maintenance Services can add as many outlets as you need to...

Reduce your risk of an electrical fire.
Plug in your TV, gaming consoles or lamps.
Keep extension cords from cluttering the room.

Trust us to install your electrical outlets safely. Contact us today to make an appointment.